Dear Sustainable Seniors,

Smile Senior Happy

“Thank you cannot cover the gratitude I feel towards your allowing me to retain my vehicle.”

I sustained a rather serious hip-knee injury which further exasperated a very serious fall on the street involving the same hip and knee from a year earlier.


I was referred from the Emergency Room at Sonoran Trauma Center where I received 4 MRIs. The doctors discovered degenerated spinal discs and a fractured pelvic bone. The many x-rays and doctor appointments were fully time consuming when the issue of annual vehicle registration came up at the same time. Due to my injuries, I was unable to get to my mailbox.


Compounding all this, the vehicle key was stolen. Santa Claus did not see to the return of the key as I prayed for him to do. The quoted cost for a replacement key was $225 – $240, which was simply impossible for me to absorb.


The counselor at the senior center in Scottsdale was doing her very best to get me centered on resolving these issues before it became a crisis. But, as you know well, trying to coordinate all the different entities involved is difficult.


Thank you for your patience and financial assistance. These past many months of walking to doctor’s offices, imaging facilities, grocery shopping and obtaining prescriptions from the pharmacy… Not to mention 40lb. dog food bags! The experience has redoubled my appreciation for having one’s own transportation.


Your kindness is so welcome… Thank you.



– (name withheld)